Stephanie Fleming from the Happy Planner!

Stephanie the owner and creator of The Happy Planner was one of the first companies to consider the input of the African American community in the designs of her planner. In building her company, she has made a continuous effort to balance her own personal life with the development of her company! She strives to make a positive impact on the planner community


Dr. Gelinda Dailey

A long time planner woman, Gelinda has used her love of planning and goal setting to bring her vision of helping young girls to life! The founder of SHOUT (Seeking Help On Understanding Things), Gelinda is dedicated to helping all women feel empowered in the visions they seek to achieve in their lives. A published author Gelinda knows there is no limit to what you can achieve. As long as you can envision it, you can acheive it!


  Carie Harling from Paper Planning Magazine and Dispatches from the Frat House
A Youtuber with A LOT going on! Carie uses her Traveler's Notebooks to live her best life. Even with being the only girl in the house with 8 boys, Carie has been using her TNs to keep it all together. She comes to challenge us into figuring out "What's your Why Not?"

Robyn Jackson
Are you ready to get some hands on learning? Robyn is ready to teach you! Robyn has been hand lettering some time now, and she's here to tell us that practice makes perfect! Well, why not practice WITH her, LIVE!?
       DaShawnna Townsend

We can't forget our crafty girls! DaShawnna is here ready to help us use our crafting skills and apply it into our planners. Working with us to create something special DaShawnna is here to encourage us to tap into that crafty side that we all have inside of us!

Nzingah Kamani-Gross- Inclusive Randomness

Nzingah is the one behind all the swag you want to buy. Using her amazing black girl magic, Nzingah has been bringing you all the fashion you just HAVE to wear everywhere

Ashley Reynolds- Cloth and Paper Co. 
Ashley is the one behind all those beautiful stationary pieces you have to be ready to buy! Now entering into the market of being in stores, Ashley is raising the bar on quality and style!


Brittany Adams-The Purpose Planner

A Detroit native, Brittany has been  working to become a driving force within the planner community. With the creation of The Purpose Planner, Brittany has done just that. Not only has she made her mark, she's also helping other solo entrepreneurs do the same!


Shantel Collins - Shaneism

With a pop of color, Shantel and her company SHANIEISM has been changing the game!  Providing  apparel and  accessories with the African American women in mind, Shantel has been make us all want to pop out of the norm!





Our conference will be hosted at the Sheraton in downtown Silver Spring, MD

Silver Spring, MD boasts a family friendly environment with ample shopping! This beautiful hotel has given us exclusive rates that you won't be able to find in Silver Spring for this level of comfort and services! 



The admin team has worked to keep this cost down but still provide great quality! With that being said, this event will be $200 to meet all of these wonderful ladies AND more fun activities to come!  Let's get ready to have some FUN!